Revolutionizing Business Development with Microapps

Fleexy is a product company specializing in the development of easy-to-use microapps for businesses. 

Our microapps are backed by thousands of hours of development and continuous improvement, ensuring that your project stays up-to-date with the latest features and advancements.

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With Microapps, you can test your ideas in just days, not months.

What is a microapp?

Microapp is a little block that helps you create your own solution quickly. You can use it to build a platform for selling art, an e-commerce shop, or anything else you want.

Created by Makers for Makers

  • 75 microapps

    Huge foundation out of the box available for your uniq project

  • 2 weeks

    To build first MVP of your product on top of microapps

  • Infinite customisation

    In fact you can customise any piece of logic without rebuild the whole thing

Ready to go Solutions

Go ahead and check out the cases. Everything you see can be customized to meet any custom requirements.

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    Build Beaty, Haircuts, Law Consultant or Freelancer Marketpalce

    A most customisable marketplace solution designed for various industries, such as hair stylists, plumbers, or cleaning services. Fleexy Marketplace connects service providers with customers, creating a practical platform tailored to your specific needs. Benefit from our extensive development and ongoing updates, keeping your marketplace at the cutting edge.

  • Digital marketing for ecommerce social media

    Sell through communication

    Want to build a uniq product for a community? We have great setup ready to go.

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    Time to build, not just dream

    Send a request with your idea and get a quick feedback on how fast you can build it on top of our foundation. We are sure you would be surpised!

4 Simple Steps

Fleexy team would handle this for you in a few steps

  • Patient
    Send a request
  • Packages
    Let platform combine microapps required for you
  • Bucket
    Built in your uniq values
  • Rating
    Get your first users!

Customers love us 💚

Fleexy team is proud of each project implemented on top of the microapps foundation

  • "We have been hugely impressed by the team at Fleexy! They have helped us develop the first social art marketplace and brought our vision to life. The team is highly proactive, responsive and cost conscious which has been incredibly helpful when you are running multiple work streams as a start up. We are very much enjoying the working relationship and are very excited to see the end product and to be able to share it with the world. Cannot recommend them enough"

    Joanna Turney

    Co-founder Conart Group Ltd

Fleexy has helped clients to launch successful projects

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A marketplace connecting curly hair stylists and barbers with clients.


ConartUnder development

A social art marketplace for artists and art lovers to connect, discover, and buy art in one app.


Your project?

If you're looking for a no-nonsense approach to microapps, Fleexy is here to help. Contact us today

Discover the Fleexy advantage and elevate your business with our feature-rich microapps.

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and learn how our innovative solutions can support your business growth.

Start low, pay more when ready

We provide subscription based payments allowing you to build you first projects as cheap as possible, switch to Full Control mode later, or stick to subscription.

  • Testing Ideas

    Iterate over your ideas quickly, find a product fit
  • Full Control

    $12 500+
    Get full access to the code you use to have a full control and do incredible customisations


Still have questions, here are the highlights

  • How long would it take to build my app?

    It depends, usually we say it's 3 days+.
    If you want to customise things a lot it could be longer. 

  • Are there any hidden costs?

    Fleexy team is providing you with all the microapps you need to build an app. If you have custom features we don't support today there is always an option to wait a bit or build on your own. 

  • Do you have any Analytics integrated

    Sure, we have more than 10 different integrations ready for now: GTM, Mixpanel, Hotjar, ...etc

  • Do I pay for the infrastructure?

    Fleexy covers 25$ monthly, if you hosting costs is more then you have to pay. Usually this free period is enough for up to 250 registered users.

  • Will my app include some CRM/CMS capabilities

    Sure, one of microapps we have focused exclusivelly this. It supports Data management, Reporting and other kind of tools

  • What are the technology behind the microapps?

    We are part of Mars Mission. Mars made this microapps capabiliteis possible. Mars uses most popular web tehcnologies.

  • Why microapps are cheaper than classical development?

    It's totally new approach here, you pay little subscription fee for years of work done by Fleexy team in the past. By doing this you get access to huge foundation you would be developing on your own for months and spend huge amount of money

Meet The Crew

Hi and nice to meet you! This is our brave team. We work very hard to provide an awesome experience for you.
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    Igor Boky
    chief architect

    Igor is all about productivity, multitasking and deep thinking.

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    Alexey Kramin
    full stack dev & marketing

    Alexey is much into customers requests understanding

  • Andrey Teplyakov
    Andrey Teplyakov
    black horse

    When we need to do things both fast and good, we call Andrey.