How to build a tech startup in less than a month in 2023?

published on 01 May 2023

Do we have a guide?

Bad news: No, we don't. 

Building a #startup is always about fighting with unpredictability.

There is no step-by-step guide to building your startup. It just doesn't work. It is always a huge mix of events, experience, and circumstances.

 A basic rule is here: "Do it a lot, and you will definitely find your path"

The good news here is that the methods to build a tech startup today are super different compared to the methods we have in our tool kit years ago. 

There are plenty of nice technologies people have today that they didn't have before, they aimed to simplify and boost product development and they actually do.

No-code & Custom code & Low-code solutions

What is no-code?
There was a boom of no-code solutions, here is how Bubble.ioSoftr, and Glide have appeared, and they are awesome tools for a start. You can build quite a lot without "how to code" knowledge there. The only concern is further customization and project support. 

Is custom code the only way to be flexible?
Custom code is definitely the way to take full control of your project and the code base. But with great flexibility comes great time-consuming effort. You need to implement any tiny feature from scratch. Want to have some specific payment integration, OAuth2 system, or even a simple image banner on the main page, you have to spend days and months and a fortune to implement a fully working system. And it doesn't mean that this approach is obsolete. Any business or system can grow and understand that they need its custom solution at this stage. Or some businesses have such revolutionary ideas that none of the existing solutions don't suit their needs. So custom code is just an option which also worth to be considered.

Here is where the Low-code solution comes into place.
Low-code solutions combine the approach of a No-code solution but add infinite customization on top. Imagine that any block/component you add in the UI Editor you can customize to work a bit differently. Yes, it requires some coding experience, but you and your project unlock the freedom to customize, which is super important if you manage to succeed in the first phase of your startup development. 

How does Fleexy relate to this?

Fleexy is working hard on top of a low-code platform MarsX. We develop the biggest and smartest foundation of micro-apps you can use to build your custom application.

If you want to build a startup with Fleexy microapps Foundation you can do it this way.
Start the same way you do with a no-code solution, customize it as much as needed to test market fit, grow and continuously customize it according to your needs.

Why should I pick Fleexy?

It's a simple set of following no-brainer facts

- Microapps we built allow you to create the first version of your product in a few days
- ... allow you to pivot quickly
- ... save you a lot of money because you reuse instead of building things from scratch
- ... allow you to customize anything
- ... allow you to grow and scale

That's it 😊

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