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Fleexy team is proud of each project implemented on top of the microapps foundation

We have been hugely impressed by the social-marketplace foundation provided by Fleexy! They have helped us develop the first social art marketplace and brought our vision to life. The team is highly proactive, responsive and cost conscious which has been incredibly helpful when you are running multiple work streams as a start up. We are very much enjoying the working relationship and are very excited to see the end product and to be able to share it with the world.
Cannot recommend them enough

Joanna Turney
Founder at Artfeed (ex Conart)

We must highlight the exceptional foundation provided by Fleexy. The development has been led by Igor and Alexey Kramin. Their dedication, expertise, and hard work have been instrumental in creating the solution we have today.

Lalla Coulibaly
Founder at Daba
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