Top 10 Salon Booking Apps

published on 23 June 2023

What is Salon Booking App?

They're computer programs designed to make life easier for salon owners and professionals. With these tools, you can keep everything organized and running smoothly by managing appointments, client information, inventory, and finances all in one place.

Not only can salon software make booking and tracking appointments a breeze, but it can also help with online bookings, processing payments, generating reports, and more. It's a total game-changer for salon businesses, making their lives much easier and allowing them to focus on what they do best - making their customers happy!

Every salon management app usually includes

Payment Processing & Point Of Sales (POS): Being able to process credit and general payments in multiple ways can create a better client experience. In addition, some platforms offer reporting capabilities, such as STX Salon Software and Salon Tracker.

Marketing Services: Email and SMS marketing can be used to promote services and build a loyal customer base. Platforms like Millenium Salon Software make it easy to run automated and personalized salon marketing campaigns.

Payroll Management: Staff management can be tough, but platforms like MINDBODY and Vagaro can help you to manage payroll and staff resources, allowing you to be more efficient and plan better.

Suggestive Selling: To increase profits, salons can offer additional services to customers to enhance their experience. Platforms like Phorest Salon Software and Envision Cloud Salon Software offer features such as recommended purchases.

Mobile Access: Being able to access your salon software while on the go can be incredibly helpful for staying up-to-date on staff management and other operations. All software options in this article offer mobile access.

Automated Confirmations: No-shows can be a real problem for salons, but automating confirmations and reminders can significantly reduce them. Software options such as Booker, Acuity Scheduling, and Schedulicity offer automated confirmations.

Staff Management: Platforms like Insight Salon Software, ZENOTI, and Square Appointments offer staff management features that can help with scheduling and resource management.

Security: Keeping client and employee information safe is vital. All software solutions listed here offer secure access and data protection features.

Inventory Management: Managing inventory can be a real headache, but platforms like Fresha, Vagaro, Timely, and MINDBODY can help with efficient inventory management.

Digital Forms: Digital forms can reduce paperwork and create a contactless experience for clients and employees. Platforms like MINDBODY and Millenium offer digital forms and contactless management.

Reporting Options: Having full insight into your salon operations can help you grow your business. Many platforms, such as STX Salon Software, Fresha, and Envision, offer reporting features.

Integrated Payment Processing: Quick payment processing and direct deposits are essential for businesses. Platforms like Square Appointments, Acuity Scheduling, and Timely offer integrated payment processing options.

Top 10 salons management apps to check out

  1. Fresha has received top ratings and positive reviews, making it the top choice for salon owners and professionals worldwide. It also offers comprehensive marketing tools, reporting and analytics, and integrated product inventory management.
  2. Booksy is an online booking and scheduling management software. It integrates with platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp. Booksy Biz offers a front desk and mobile solutions. Features include no-show protection, mobile payments, and boosted bookings.
  3. Vagaro offers salon, spa, and fitness software designed to streamline business operations. It provides features such as online bookings, secure payments, calendar management, customer tracking, notifications, marketing tools, inventory tracking, and more.
  4. Minbody Salon Software offers a comprehensive platform for managing and growing salons. With this powerful system, salon owners can streamline their operations and focus on providing exceptional experiences to clients. Features include appointment coordination, staff and equipment scheduling, product inventory management, payroll management, and mobile accessibility.
  5. DaySmart Salon is a comprehensive business management solution for salons, nail salons, and barbershops. It provides scheduling, appointment management, communication, and growth tools. With customizable booking solutions, online booking capabilities, and digital forms, it streamlines operations and enhances customer experience.
  6. Schedulicity. When it comes to finding the best salon appointment app, Schedulicity stands out as a top choice. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, Schedulicity offers unlimited client bookings and supports various payment methods. The app provides a color-coordinated digital calendar, recurring appointments, and calendar integrations, allowing salon businesses to efficiently manage their schedules.
  7. Ovatu offers world-class booking software. It automates appointment management, provides SMS and email reminders, and integrates with online payments. With features like online booking, customizable reminders, and a point-of-sale system, Ovatu helps salons save time and attract customers. It also offers loyalty programs, review management, and comprehensive reporting tools.
  8. Mangomint is the top-rated hair salon software that streamlines salon operations. With features like online booking, client management, booking management, and automated messaging, it enhances efficiency and client experience. The software boasts a fast and intuitive interface, smart automation, and excellent customer support.
  9. BookSteam provides customizable online booking software to automate appointment scheduling for businesses worldwide. With features like client notifications, inventory management, and credit card processing, it simplifies operations. The platform caters to various industries, offers mobile accessibility, and supports multiple languages. BookSteam’s global presence includes thousands of satisfied customers and millions of bookings.
  10. GlossGenius is a user-friendly salon software platform that helps beauty and wellness businesses increase revenue and streamline operations. It offers smart scheduling, booking, payments, client management, marketing, reports, and inventory management. With a simple pricing structure and a supportive community, GlossGenius aims to make running a business easier and more profitable.

How to pick the right one?

Selecting the right salon software can be confusing, but picking the one that's suitable for your business's needs can have a big impact. Here are some important things to think about when choosing salon management software:

  • Location coverage: Check out if the software is available in your country
  • Mobile accessibility: Verify whether the software can be used on mobile devices. This feature can help you stay in touch with operations on the go.
  • Features: Check out what features you need for your salon. Look for features related to payment processing, marketing, staff management, inventory management, and reporting.
  • Ease of use: The software should be user-friendly so your staff can learn how to use it easily and focus on giving clients quality service, instead of spending a lot of time understanding complicated software.
  • Pricing: Cost is important. Take into account the software's monthly or yearly subscription cost, any additional charges, and if there is a contract commitment.
  • Integration: Your salon software needs to integrate with necessary systems like accounting software, online appointment scheduling tool, or marketing automation system.
  • Support and training: Ensure there is available customer support and training options to help you get started.
  • Security: The software used should prioritize safety. Check if the software follows industry-standard security protocols and that it offers offline and online security features.
  • Reputation: Choose software with a positive reputation. Look for reviews from current clients, check the software website and view social media pages to gain a comprehensive view of the software.

The ultimate solution to have a full control

If there is no proper solution you can build your own, then you can tune it for yourself and bring only the modules you need into it. Fleexy team built Marketsy, which is the seed product (or micro-app) that could be converted into any salon management app you can imagine. Such a thing happened for a startup from Norway The Daba, one of Fleexy Customers.

Take your time to make the decision

Considering these things can help you make an informed decision when choosing the salon management software that's best for your business. So take some time to try different software options and figure out which one is the right one for your salon.

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